Birgitta Haukdal – Open Your Heart The 2003 Eurovision song contest was notable for several reasons:

– TaTu completely fucking up the performance of their magnificent “Ne Ver Ne Bojsia”, and promptly disappearing forever.
– Me going to a really terrific Eurovision party round Magnus’ place.
– The astonishing Ruffus singing the Steely Dan-styled “Eighties Comin Back”
– A good song winning!
– Lots of other actually good songs being entered. This was one of them, from Iceland, a ginormous pop chest-beater the likes of which actual pop stars don’t have the gall to make any more. Or maybe they would like to make them but know that nobody would buy them.

In fact I think it was the best Eurovision ever. Tomorrow might just beat it though as the 2003 Eurovision final lacked – through no fault of its own – several other key elements:

– An afternoon drinking watching the FA Cup Final.
– The presence of an enormous meat-smoking machine, with attendant meat.
– Doctor Who on the telly with Richard Wilson and a zeppelin!

I absolutely cannot wait.