EMP Pop Conference – HELP ME OUT!

OK, now I’ve finally received by flight confirmations I no longer feel I’ll be jinxing it by mentioning it again on NYLPM (plus you probably all know anway) – I will be going to the EMP Pop Music Conference in a fortnight, in Seattle, where I will be appearing! on a panel! hosted by M. Matos! and will be meeting ILX people I’ve wanted to meet for aaaaaaages. And this is my first ever trip to the US. It’s all very exciting.

The panel is not about music, it’s about music blogs and their relation to the press. (I’m glad it’s not about music as there seems less chance of me being exposed quite so quickly as a fat old fraud.) I guess the approach I’ll be taking is a look at the style of music blogs and how the way they look at music compares to the way the press does. This means I need to read some, and this is where you come in – I will probably check everything on my sidebar but it is out of date, if you run a music blog or know of one you think would give me something interesting to say, please let me know (email or comments box).

Because it’s a talking roundtable thing there won’t be a ‘paper’ as such but I might try and write up what I think into an article for this site.