The current trend in the magazine publishing world is taking monthly formats and turning them into weeklies. After the men’s weeklies Nuts and Zoo have decimated the monthly lad mag market, the fashion/women’s monthly was the next target. Hence the launch of Grazia, the UK’s first woman’s weekly glossy (if you don’t count um, Woman’s Weekly…)

Anyway, word comes from IPC and EMAP that the next market to be weeklified is the music magazine. Apparently both companies are clamouring to come up with a viable mix of news, interviews, features and bumf for a music based weekly maagzine. They are also looking for ideas for the right kind of names for said magazines to inspire a new audience. Something inclusive, but clear on the subject matter. Something which inspires thought about the aural media, and perhaps suggests the reader as an insider.

Freaky Trigger suggests Sounds, or Melody Maker at a push.