So, what’s Toyah been up to?


Rock’n Retail are parallel worlds in many ways according to singer and actress Toyah Willcox.

Toyah, who rounded off the key note speeches at retail property organisation BCSC’s Shopping Centre Management Conference taking place in Birmingham from 1-2 March, said that the comparisons between the two were considerable. She also emphasised the important role that she believes shopping centres play in their respective communities.

“I believe there are seven principles that bridge rock/pop music and retail management,” she told the audience of shopping centre and asset managers from across the UK. They include: Lifestyle, glamour, the ability to transform people’s lives, Affordability and Availability, the willingness to meet and make friends, Something For All ages, and the ability to change. No matter whether you want to be a rock or retail star these are the assets you need in place to successfully deliver your product. And, finally, don’t forget to listen to your inner rebel.”

Toyah recounted stories about her music career highs – including meeting the Queen Mother – and her lows – including a rubber dress with a mind of its own that “parted company” with her during a live performance. She also sang some of her favourite hits.

“I think the key is to expect the unexpected,” she said before inviting members of the BCSC audience to join her on stage for an air band session to close proceedings.