5. Muumilauluja – “Moron Valituslaulu”

This MP3 comes from the Finnish version of Moomin Voices, recordings of songs co-written by Tove Jansson, creator of the Moomins. A bop in the eye for my shrivelled inner authenticist: the originals were of course in Swedish, Jansson’s first language (though she was a Finnish citizen). Whether the cool, modernist jazz settings on the disc were close to the ‘originals’ I’ll probably never know, but it’s a charming CD anyhow – as wry and somehow elusive as the Moomin books are. This track though is completely atypical, with spooky backing music and a funny deep voice representing the Groke, perennial Moomin almost-villain and bringer of cold and despair.

(I was going to buy some other CDs in Finland – a collection called Suomipoppi 5 caught my eye – but I have a trip to the US to save up for and Nordic prices are on the scandalous side. Recommendations of Finnish pop though are always welcome.)