We’re almost ready to give you all the details of March 24th’s Poptimism launch night (in fact we’ve already given most of them) but I thought I’d draw special attention to one particular aspect of the new night.

We’re charging – £2 a head before 11, £4 a head after.

“Are you kidding? I’m not paying for this load of amateur tat.” – if this is your reaction then believe me, we sympathise. Here’s why we’re doing it, well #1 is WHY we’re doing it, #s 2-4 are why it’s not so bad a thing:

1) We have to, to cover the costs of the security man the venue is providing us with.

2) When we work out how many people are coming to these things regularly we’ll adjust the prices or work out a membership scheme or something so you’ll pay as little as possible.

3) The drinks are going to be cheaper than in the Chapel. We estimated tha if you have four drinks at Poptimism you’ll have covered your entry cost based on the old prices.

4) Once we’ve paid off the security man and whoever we rope in to do cloakroom work, any other money isn’t going straight into our pockets. It’s going into the Freaky Trigger Fighting Fund which pays for lawsuits with Universal our hosting, kewl gimmicks, beautiful flyers, things to make the club night better, Trig Brother style entertainments, buying every NOW CD the day it comes out, and so on. (And if you’re a hardcore regular and you really really can’t afford the £2 we can use the fund to sub you in.)

So there you go!