The Last Ever Club FT

will be next Thursday, 24th February, at the Chapel Bar in Islington. Guest DJs ‘The Spy’ and Ken C will be joining the regulars to mark the end of an era (well a year, which is a long time in shonky pop nights). We’re going to make it a good one – a few old favourites, a few new sounds, an opportunity to dance your socks off in the warming glow of the pointy pulpit poles one last time.

But hold on, you say, what’s all this “last” business?

Well. We’ve got an opportunity to move the club ‘up west’ as they say, i.e. right into the middle of central london, under the Polar Bear pub in Soho. The Chapel have been fantastic and supportive to the club, but we’ve been talking for ages about wanting to get somewhere more central and now we have the chance we’re going to take it. We’re booked in for a night in March and then we’ll see how it goes in terms of getting something more regular.

I’ll post something longer about the new place after next Thursday’s send-off to the Chapel. The first night is going to be a Club Popular, on the 24th March, and after that (fingers crossed) we’re going to launch the new night, Poptimism very much like the old night but with a name that doesn’t sound like a newspaper.

Also marking this changing of the guard will be a website redesign for FT, our first for 18 months or so. Gasp!

For now, though, just look forward to next week’s emotional pop farewell to Islington. THURSDAY 24TH FEBRUARY. THE CHAPEL BAR, ISLINGTON. 7-12. FREE ENTRY. POP.