89. REEL 2 REEL feat THE MAD STUNTMAN – “I Like To Move It”

This had a previous life as “Jazz It Up” by the Erick Morillo Project, a funky disco-house number which no doubt kept many a party rollin’ with its tasteful floorfilling vibe. In barges the Mad Stuntman and credibility flies out of the window to be replaced by multi-million sales and the love of all mankind. “I spent forever tracking down the original” sniffed someone on a DJ board I googled, well ha! cos apparently it was on the B-Side.

I am sure that “Jazz It Up” is a fine record, the drums on this refit are satisfyingly crunchy after all and the groove is propulsive. But let’s face it, this song would not be on this list were it not for Stuntman, M. What you will learn about this force of nature by the end of the song:

i) he is a stuntman
ii) he is mad (these two facts gleaned from the sleeve but nothing he does on wax suggests otherwise)
iii) he is physically fit
iv) he likes to move it move it. To reinforce this last the follow-up is called “Go On Move” and isn’t quite as great.

It is a record that everybody wants to hear, especially if they’ve had a drink or two. They may not think they want to hear it but they do. The perfect marriage of a high-class groove and a low-brow energy.