Thanks to Hit or Miss for having us last night. We played an eclectic four-cornered tag-team set to the filmic backdrop of Monkey and FLASH! GORDON! What a great film Flash Gordon is, other films blush at the very name. Anyway, Steve played the indie, Chris played the soul, I played the pop. And Tim played the jazz.

My set (well, four sets of 2 songs each) in full:

V – “Hip To Hip”
Wham! – “Wham! Rap”
Pipkins – “Gimme Dat Ding”
Doop – “Doop”
Midi, Maxi and Efti – “Bad Bad Boys”
Girls Aloud – “Wake Me Up”
Fierce Girl – “Double Drop”
Joy Gruttman – “Schnappi Der Kleine Krokodil (Raveheart Remix)”

We will be announcing some VERY EXCITING NEWS about our own club soon. (Apologies if the exciting news has already been announced on that ILE). One of the things we might be doing is changing the name, because “Club FT”, while perfectly straightforward, is a bit rubbish. Suggestions welcome, front runner at the moment is Poptimism.