May well keep you occupied for hours. For example, an insight into “Fake Plastic Trees”:

“He’s saying they’ve made the Earth sp wso worldly it wears the (w)hole Earth out, him. Circumcision though not say makign it plastic, cutting skin is thought plastic surgeriish, and form there they have faked everything.. so fore the sake of Radiohead’s very name.. he had to do hi sname justice with this song ,ya and so now I would pay that dude or for his science if I was you first, W/$ isn’t it so sirty how they thought foreskin dirty, think sex so dirty and condoms, and their clean is so atomic – and ignorant, they think dirty so doctor money, crazy 666 math anyoen fall into devil’s seperated freedoms of near nothingnesses, could almost seem nahtziism is a more pact force.. yet nahtzis had so see a term ‘minor’, unvaluable person, small massless unworkworthy, waste of shortsight.”

Yes indeed!