A new NYLPM feature – will it get as far as its third entry? You decide! Well, no, I decide probably.

A few years ago I was reading a comic called Starman. The hero of Starman is, frankly, a big nerd. This particular issue had him talking about “Money’s Too Tight To Mention” to another character. “Of course,” he added, “The Valentine Brothers version”.

This kind of flagrant knowledge drop is something we’ve all done – and file-sharing now means that ANYONE can do it, so it doesn’t even have the tang of expertise any more! Spreading knowledge is a Good Thing but the question has to be asked – is the knowledge right? Not factually right but, you know, right right.

I’ve called this particular rhetorical move a ‘Gloria’ after its most common manifestation. “Tainted Love? (pause) Of course the Gloria Jones version is better.” Here’s how this will work – we will post a Gloria and allow a dignified day or so for comments before the Freaky Trigger Science Factopinion is deployed to answer it. I reckon Glorias are about half correct, but we’ll see. Of course at some point we’ll consider the real actual original Gloria, but for now let us begin with this:

“99 Red Balloons? The German original is much better.”

Nice and simple, no? But is our straw friend right or wrong? Over to you (until tomorrow)…