A Low-Key Return For The INDIE AMNESTY

Here are the latest batch of INDIE AMNESTY items to be offered on eBay. A quick reminder of the premise of the indie amnesty – people give their shameful indie CDs to me to be put beyond use (i.e. sold on eBay, proceeds to the Grecian Earn appeal). They get a clear conscience, Exeter gets a financially viable football club, some punter (maybe even one of YOU) gets the indie they crave.

I would be frankly astonished though if more than one of these sells:

mumble mumble knickers mumble
looks like the worst CD in the universe
“Rare” unless you visit the MVE basement
it gets no indie-r
could be grindcore for all I know

You can see the full list quickly by going here. Better Amnesty stuff to follow after the post-Xmas spending hangover wears off. NB: Later today I’m planning to put up some more CDs which WON’T be part of the Indie Amnesty, these will be indicated as such in the item description and monies from them will go straight into my fat paws.