Band Aid 20 is now squatting atop the charts and I feel I can safely bring an end to my “History Of Band Aid” charity appeal. If you recall it involved me giving a pound to charity for every link this got. The links keep trickling in and to be honest I’ve lost count but erring on the side of generosity I feel I owe charity £37.

The charity that will be getting this princely sum is called Kids for Kids and helps the children in Darfur by lending goats to poor families (the families then keep any produce and offspring the goats produce). How can you resist a charity with a page called “Revolving Goat Project”?! It is a very good cause and as you will see spends all its money on good deeds rather than having a fancy website. Also my Mum is involved so it’s easy for me to hand the money – enough for three whole goats – over.

Thanks to everybody who linked the piece, my conscience is salved.