World-historical EuroNoiseniks meet Post-Ballardian Prime-Time Cop Procedural: ok so grissom and the black guy were diggin a PREGNANT* SKELETON out a blob of CONCRETE in the BACK-LOT of a MOTEL (yeah this is a repeat but i missed the first part of it when it first showed on brit terrestrial), and cz this took a while and the S/T wd only be gruntin and that, the soundtrack switched to some atmospheric pop obv, and after a while it was suddenly shockingly evident that CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION was using EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN to colour yr waiting mood! boo to me cz I’m not sure which the song wz** – one of later, quieter, almost-monotonous long-slow-build ones (based on my description, marcello tht from tabula rasa, but my description was/is a bit vague), except at one point it has a scrawly little microtonal synth figure – but YAY to CSI***!!
*(this info only available subsequently)
**(lovely google reveals that it’s “ein seltener vogel” from perpetuum mobile)
***(i actually really like that CSI rescued and redeemed the who’s previously v.stupid “who are you?” as its openin theme, but if they ever get tied of it they shd of course replace it w. EN’s “BRAINLEGO”!!)