Woebot on MP3 blogs: I did some thinking about MP3 blogs for that article I wrote earlier in the month. One of the things I thought – which didn’t make it into the piece – was that MP3 blogs don’t post enough tat. It’s laughably easy to upload and download MP3s and the medium is well-suited to disposable sounds, plus of course it’s free. It’s nice of MP3 bloggers to work at offering only the finest sounds but often as I skim through the grabosphere my eyes glaze over a little – I would prefer, sometimes, something rubbish (but amusing) to something worthy.

The thing that I find really disappointing – and I imagine it is for the people who run the sites, too – is that so little debate is sparked by the MP3s that get shared. You have an audience who’ve all heard the music – so where’s the conversation about it? Only Fluxblog really seems to get comments going, and even then Fluxblog is read by, what, 3000 people every day, so a 15-comment response is a bit puny, no? I’m as guilty as anyone else, though – even though I know from my own short-lived MP3 blog how rewarding comments can be I am often too lazy to leave one.

I think if I wanted to get back into the MP3 game properly I’d go to ilxor.com and set up an I Love MP3s board, with every ‘question’ being a file and the threads encouraging people to discuss it.

(Woebot is right by the way that NYLPM is not really an MP3 blog. It’s a blog that happens to put up the odd MP3 to illustrate a point or as a bonus to loyal readers.)