Indie Amnesty Xtra:

I had a sort through the remaining Amnesty items yesterday and set aside a pile of CDs which are, frankly, total no-hopers on eBay. So I’m not going to sell them on eBay. I’m going to sell them here.

THe pile consists of a wide-ranging selection of CD singles, dodgy album promos, freebies, curiosities, Pokemon tie-ins, condom maker giveaways, and other tat. There are about fifteen of them, I didn’t count. Probably there are a few good laughs in there somewhere, or at least a blog post or two. I’m not giving any more details, though.

If you want these CDs – and it’s all or nothing, sorry – make me an offer. Either in the comments box or by email. Highest bidder by Friday gets them. If you want me to mail them to you I will, but it’ll be a few quid p&p probably. If you see me in the pub and prefer to pick them up from me, that’s fine. All non p-&-p money to the Grecian Earn.

(If nobody wants them I’ll put them in the bin.)