Graffiti Criticism: it’s pretty common to see scrawls on Tube posters – someone putting “SLAPER” on an advert for Christina, a casual “Bollox” appended to a Dido picture, the face of Robbie Williams acquiring two black gap teeth and a Hitler moustache. Less usual is the post-pub traveller-turned-critic going into detail.

At Stockwell tube, in one of the cross-playform corridoors between the Victoria and Northern Line, there is an advert for the new Groove Armada CD. “You know more Groove Armada than you think you do” is the tagline. To which someone has added “BECAUSE THEY STEAL FROM EVERY ACT OF THE LAST FIFTY YEARS”. They’ve rounded it off with the perfect summary “GROOVE ARMADA – OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF DONE TRENDY”. Right or wrong I don’t know, but I had to applaud.