The ‘enhanced’ CD of “Love Machine” is well worth your £2.99. You get a great sleeve, a version of the song which has actual bass on it unlike the MP3 doing the rounds, a Girls Aloud ‘game’ which won’t work on my office PC, the video, the video with karaoke (incidentally, you know what would revive the CD singles market? Singstar compatability.), the ‘Disco mix’ of “Love Machine” which is pretty worthwhile in that it does exactly what you’d hope a ‘Disco mix’ would do, and you also get a Proper B-Side.

I don’t know if “Androgynous Girls” is a Proper Proper B-Side and won’t appear on the album, but it’s pretty good nonetheless. More streamlined Kim Wilde guitar-sample pop with a sweary chorus and the line “God’s got his rocks off today”, which (with the availability of a 7″) confirms that this is their Indie Single.