Thursday 26th August

This missive was written in my parents place in Spain, and for suspense value, shall let out on a day by day basis. My parents like the Olympics. It is hence much harder to avoid, as they have the power over the TV remote. Nevertheless I do my best with skulking off, and avoiding all but what I have to sit through to look like I am being dutiful. That is still more than I would like.

I caught about five minutes of the Sweden vs Germany women’s football game. Football still seems out of place in the Olympics, even if it is LadyFoot. They have their own World Cup that, even if it does not get the kind of coverage men’s football gets, it is still more than Yngling gets any other time. (By the way, whilst I saw none of it, isn?t Yngling the Scrabble word of 2004? Even if the Microsoft spellcheck does not know it.) All the usual women’s football comments applied, slower, more tactical, deliberate, half of them couldn’t pass for toffee. It is also clear that mens football commentators, even if they are enlightened (or think they are) like Barry Davies, should not commentate of Women’s Football. The pace of the game is slower, the pace of the commentary should be slower too. And you keep catching Barry not being sexist, and so pleased with himself that he comes off as being sexist again. A slow three minutes.