Mr. 82

This fellow is one of the more intriguing coves posting on ILM. His posts, several on the same thread, are always under different names, rarely does an identity appear twice. His modus operandi tends to be to reprint a music news story and ask, neutrally, for comment on it. Sometimes he joins the comments with other news stories. Unlike most persistent anonymes, he is never abusive and rarely gives himself away. I thought for a while that he was a multitude, posting from some web cafe or other, but his news-based style is oddly distinctive. I wonder sometimes if I was the only mod who ever noticed him.

This thread – about Eric Prydz – is one of his, a departure from his norm. Last night I thought it was stealth marketers – and maybe that’s been Mr.82’s game all along, starting threads about PR clients. If so he’s mostly been more subtle than this. He recurs here too, firstly as Missy P and then as “Callums Mom”, showing his grasp of ILM lore. Perhaps he’s ‘going native’.

He’s right about one thing, though: that video is filthy.

(Mr.82 is not his real name, those are two of the numbers from his IP address.)