I can’t sleep tonight….

I feel somewhat guilty for nominating in ILM’s 1990s poll in the first place (I did it by email, so there), and even more guilty for changing my singles nomination: from Thieves’ “Unworthy” (which would get three votes at most) to 2Pac feat Dr Dre’s “California Love” (which will get HUNDREDS. I hope.) The simple top-of-the-world-ma force of “CL” won me over when I played it last night, but I’d hoped to make amends by offering “Unworthy” here – it’s well out of print, sadly. But my CD single has gone missing. So if anybody does have “Unworthy” on MP3 could they gmail it to me at the freakytrigger address?

(Update: Thanks kind readers! I now have the radio edit AND full-length version, ta!)