After the relative aesthetic success of “ABBA in Hindi” I was delighted when someone on Slsk was sharing something called ABBA Metal. Readers prone to stereotyping will be delighted to discover that this CD comes from Germany, spiritual home of the superannuated metal warrior. I dl’ed a couple of tasters, “Eagle” and “Super Trouper”. “Eagle” as one might expect adapts rather well to the demands of the trad-metal form, its stomp already sufficiently grandiose and brutal that the step up to full bombast causes no problems. “Super Trouper” is another matter – the original is a delicate thing and the metal remake is a bludgeon too far, with a truly horrible singer. Lovers of the genuinely dreadful should investigate forthwith – the band responsible (and here I start to doubt their True Metal credentials) are called Custard.