I recently got a little toy to play with at work – a handy excel tool for analysing data. I want to put it to work on the Square Yable but the data I’ve got from that so far is a bit patchy thus far, so in the meantime I’d like some test data.

What I’d like YOU to do is email me – freakytrigger at gmail dot com (or click the ’email’ link below). The subject should be “ROCK STATS GEEK” and the contents of the email should be the following list of 20 singles, cut and pasted with a mark out of 10 next to each for quality. 0 to 10, 0 being diabolical, 10 being genius, integers only please. Don’t bother including comments, just the marks. Then email me when you’ve finished.

That’s enough stats help, thanks! Exciting graphs and tables to follow.