I actually sorta think that the last few years in particular have been a bit of a golden age when it comes to what I increasingly think is ‘my’ (borrowed) era of music, seen through a distorting lens of time and from thousands of miles of distance. Namely the whole late seventies/early eighties post-punk/new-pop/new-romantic UK whatsit, though mostly through a rockist (hey, it’s an early eighties word, it works!) sense of massive album rereleases and reissues with bonus tracks and remasterings — yay capitalism!

So there’s been the Echo and the Bunnymen reissues and the Sanctuary-released Fall reissues and the OMD reissues and the Simple Minds reissues and the Duran Duran reissues and a little while back there were the Psych Furs reissues and the Soft Cell reissues and and and etc. etc. etc. into the ground. And then there’s everything on the ever-godlike LTM, which I’m rapidly turning into a completist bore about.

And now it’s the Adam Ant reissues, how ridiculously great and how happy am I. Unheard demos! A proper digital release of “The Day I Met God” at long last! Those original versions of “Cartrouble” and “Kick” I heard about! And oh yes all those photos of all those images, what ridiculous greatness. I might actually say something more substantial about all this at some point but for right now I don’t care, I’m just ridiculously happy with the music.

Though for some reason “Press Darlings” isn’t on the Kings of the Wild Frontier disc. Unfun.