Or, whatever happened to that one guy that was supposedly going to be famous, 1341541564th in a series.

For the first time, I’m getting around to listening to the (I think) one album by Chicago group Sabalon Glitz from back in the early nineties. And I recalled the little spat that resulted in Thomas Frank’s story here and Brian Doherty’s followup about band guy Chris Holmes (not the WASP dude) and his sins and successes and how it all seemed vaguely important if you cared much about it all.

I admit, I didn’t. Just seemed sorta dorky, though I’ve got the Yum-Yum album around somewhere. And this is the most recent thing I know about Holmes:

The prolific University of Chicago grad Chris Holmes has been a member of many bands including Sabalon Glitz (space-rock), Ashtar Command (techno), Yum-Yum (orchestral pop) and the Smashing Pumpkins (rock). Multi-instrumentalist Holmes owns an impressive collection of keyboards, musical gadgets, and old instruments (including the Mellotron that was used in the BBC’s old “Dr. Who” television series). Holmes also wrote the original songs for the indie feature ?7 Songs? which screened at the Method Fest in 2003.

I suspect he should just go ahead and change his name to Sonic Doom now or something, since the Sabalon Glitz album has enough of a Spacemen 3 vibe to it already. But hey, I’ve heard worse.