Eight man coxed rowing: Okay, I had an interest in this. Not that I was interested, but this is the only competitive sport I have ever represented anything at. I coxed at University (a perfect position for someone who likes shouting at sportsmen and doesn’t like doing any exercise). So when I saw the four teams lining up (Canada, Germany, Poland and plucky GB) I suppose I briefly forgot the avoidance and watched.

Well this rowing isn’t the game it was when I did it. For one they had a nice open bit of flat water. Not for them the battling with currents from the nearby weir, tributaries and getting round bends. Frankly beyond shouting (and I did not see them do too much of that) it was not clear exactly what the coxes were doing. Two teams qualified, suffice to say that despite coming back quite well in the second half of the race, the GB team was not one of them. Indeed we clocked in a time of just under six minutes. Which is when I flicked over to watch Trisha. Just Under Six Minutes