Olympic Avoidance LogI did remarkably well at the weekend, only managing to see bits and bobs via the news. Apparently winning a couple of medals because other people were disqualified is more important than any other world event. Not watching any event live I would be tempted to say I saw no Olympics at all, but the truth is that the ITV news on Saturday devoted a good five minutes to the damn thing. Being in someone else house, I could not turn it off. Therefore I saw highlights of rowing, some horsey nonsense, and what can only be described as the Blonde Lady Sail – this seemingly being the entry requirement for that group.

There was also some sort of pursuit cycling which has never failed to confuse me. Why chase the bugger. Just stop and he’ll be round in a couple of seconds. Why is it that bikes used in velodromes don’t have spokes and instead look like some FuturBike with all in one flying saucer wheels. Coupled with the long hats and body stockings, it is all remarkably silly. Still the rest of you punters I am sure were clapping along, we won a medal after all.