Glad It’s All Over: Where have I been? Off for one last – well, maybe – fling with ILM, having fun on the Top 100 Albums of the 00s thread (plus the tracks one which you should find quite easily). I knew the results three weeks ago after a drunken indiscretion by Stevem but I kept a straight bat on the thread and have had a great time. Big shout out to Jess, Alba, Blount, Dan, Matt, all the people I don’t know and of course Steve. Being away from ILM for a few months, and then contributing again this week reminded me that i) despite everything, I love the place and ii) it’s horribly addictive, draining and bad for me. So hopefully – and I know how difficult it is to give these things up – I’ll be stopping for rather longer this time. I am trying to get programmer assistance in this, the equivalent of those stomach implants George Best keeps ignoring. Keep your fingers crossed for me, if for no other reason than I would quite like my last ever ILM words to be “I will never like the La’s.”