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Interesting discussion on Enthusiastic But about MP3 blogs, their increasing appeal to indie pluggers, and what happens if you opt out of backscratch culture.

Why is Mousse T’s “Is It Cos Im Cool?” getting so much airplay (and presumably a UK release) now? I thought it was years old! It’s awful, anyway, the lazy face of Europop.

Interesting comments from Woebotnik on the Babycakes single (Aug 14th post) being a step backwards (2 steps back, har har). What strikes me is how popular it is – No.1 by a mile apparently. I never quite understood how garage lost its commercial clout in the first place – it wasn’t the turn to ruffer MCing styles surely, So Solid did very well for themselves but sometime in 2002 the gild went off the lily and More Fire, Genius Cru etc. started selling bugger all though the product was up to scratch. Babycakes – which I love – suggests the demand for garage in the wider public never went away (unless it is purely selling as a novelty?) – so what went wrong? Record company faddishness?

From that comment – “Hearing it is like being at a club where the DJ has panicked that he’s cleared the dancefloor and just slams on a tune he KNOWS will keep the party going, that desperation audible, permeating through the gaps in the track.” – the cringe of recognition!