Yukari Fresh and Low IQ 101–Anarchy in the UK
(available here)

Everyone assumes that Anarchy is all about nihilism, and its all Sid viscous fault. There is none of the freedom, the collective nature, the joy or fun that anarchy can provide in The Sex Pistols punk (or there DIY neighbor’s.)

So what do the Japanese do ? They make a pop version. It is silly, over the top, sickly sweet, all in harmony and it seems to be like taking the piss–like what Me First and The Gimme Gimmes do for things like Judy Garland.

But I think that Yeager Fresh believes the message, or at least a similar message. They seem to believe in the Anarchy of preschool television, of taking care of your messes, of being nice, of having fun with your friends, of singing along when the chorus comes, of having as many people on the stage as possible.

They both use Anarchy, I’m going with the cute.