Vinyl Festishism vs Download Fetishism (Vol. Quite A Lot)

If odd bits found lurking in the name of Marie Curie or Sue Ryder are your thing, this is pretty indispensable. It’s a veritable online encyclopedia of charity shop nonsense.

The guys that do that site run a label in the form of Licorice Soul. They say they deal in ‘high quality, officially licensed funk reissues’. But their latest release is that plus some. It’s by a motley crew called The Roundtable and is, I kid you not, the product of sixties jazz sessioners fusing with early music academics playing medieval sackbuts and harpsichords. If novelty and eclecticism is anything like the sine qua non of the Music We Like, you gotta hear this. It sounds like a lucky-shot download issued as a seven inch, distilling that hard-sought kitsch with a straight-laced seriousness. Very poe-faced and groovy.

And – ‘straight to your crates’ and all – because it’s designed for vinyl fetishists, you can get it on MP3 via the site.