This is from an article about the charts published in the NME for June 19 1982, by Paul Morley. The article had a big impact on me when I read it – not in 1982 (no prodigy I!) but when I happened on the issue for 10p in a second hand shop, sometime in the 1990s. I think it had an impact on several other people too.

Is it still relevant? Maybe – the charts are a very different thing now. Is it still a good read? Oh yes. I’m aware I’m overstepping copyright lines by re-presenting it but I don’t believe it’s been reproduced anywhere else. Needless to say if anyone with a vested interest in the piece wants it removed I will take it down right away. Meanwhile I thought readers of this blog might be interested.

Click here to read the full, scanned Morley piece (be prepared to squint!).