We at Freaky Trigger are trying to raise money to help keep a struggling football club alive. The first steps on our leisurely journey towards £500 have already been taken with the launch of the FT Indie Amnesty.

As you are probably aware, many if not most of the Freaky Trigger writers are lapsed indie kids. Whether this lapse is temporary, permanent or mere self-delusion is unclear: what is certain is that lots of us have a big heap of awful indie records stinking up our shelves/boxes/lock-ups. Several of these records are likely to remain rotten no matter how fashion changes: Miles Hunt, come on down.

But a lot of people are reluctant to sell their old records, particularly the embarrassing ones. Hence the Indie Amnesty. If you think the Grecian Earn appeal is a good cause – and it’s not a charity or anything, absolutely no moral coercion is intended – what we’d like you to do is this: select one old indie record you have, no matter how unsaleable you think it is, and give it to me to sell on eBay. Your name will at no point be made public.

I will put the records up for auction and publish the eBay link here so you can see how well my – ahem – ‘marketing skills’ do in the cut-and-thrust of the world’s biggest marketplace. I’m quietly confident, having flogged a Shirehorses CD for sixteen pounds the other month.

All money will go to the Grecian Earn appeal.

If you don’t care about the appeal, we hope you enjoy our public attempts to sell off frightening mid-90s alterna-tat anyhow!

(NB for obvious reasons the Indie Amnesty is mostly open to people who are likely to encounter me in the pub.)