It’s a rotating panel of Interweb pop pundits – they get sent an MP3 by me (that is, Tom) about once every three days and they comment on each one, giving it a mark out of ten. The collated comments and overall mark then appear on NYLPM.

Does The Membership Change?
After 12 MP3s have been voted on a ’round’ of the Square Table is over and there’s a reshuffle – some people from the waiting list come onto the panel, some people from the panel go back on the waiting list. The four most popular files each ’round’ go through to the Square Table Live Showdown at Club Freaky Trigger, which happens once every three rounds (i.e. about three times a year).

How Do I Join?
You email us at freakytrigger at gmail dot com. The only requirements are i) not minding seeing your comments up on the site and ii) having an email account that can cope with regular 5MB file sends.

FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s the one that’s playing now
[*]I LIKE POP TO…perve, pretend, pout, pose, preen, ponce, posture, pastiche, parody, problematise, perform, profess and play.
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO… pander, prescribe, predict or prefer.

Anthony Easton
my favourite song of the 00s is hit me baby one more time
[*]i like pop to astonish me, make me hard, make me want to fall in love, make me want to fall out of love, make me shake my money maker, make me roll down the windows and sing along in the middle of summer.
[*]i dont like pop to bore me or to really make me think.

FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s: ask me in 2010
[*]I LIKE POP TO…scare the goth kids away every time it’s played in[*]Claire’s Accessories.
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO…wear green nail varnish.

FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s: ‘nsync, ‘gone’
[*]I LIKE POP TO… bounce, blast, make you dance and sing under your[*]breath in embarrassing public.[*]
I DON’T LIKE POP TO… take itself too seriously, whinge, think it’s indie.

Daniel Reifferscheid
I Like Pop To: Grab every piece of hook and mentalism that it can gets its hands on, without feeling bloated. Also if it’s sung by aging philosophers then that’s a plus too.
I Don’t Like Pop To: sound like “Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group. Guys, I know it’s tempting, but NO.

David Raposa
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s: “Bootylicious” – Destiny’s Child OR “Back To School” – Deftones
[*]I LIKE POP TO…make me breakfast
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO…burn my toast

Derek Walmsley
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s- Sean Paul- Get Busy
[*]I LIKE POP TO- seduce with the promise of alternative, parallel lives
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO- be uncritically British.

Diego Valladolid
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s “Libertine (Radio Edit)” by Kate Ryan
[*]I LIKE POP TO… introduce gross amounts of distortion to the speaker,[*]eventually destroying it.
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO… be reproduced as accurately to the source as possible.

Fave Pops song of 00’s: B.O.B.? Toxic? Gossip People? Country[*]Grammar? I’m torn.
[*]ILIKEPOPTO: surprise me, popularize unlikely dark corners, blow up[*]th’ joint, shake up the status quo, remix/chop/screw, move my ass,[*]embarrass the hipsters and ruffle the squares, explore new niches.
[*]IDON”TLIKEPOPTO: make everybody go “not that song AGAIN”, get TOO[*]clever, recycle beat/concept/cliche X for the nth time, involve[*]Puffy, inspire drunken beatings, be sung offkey loudly on the subway[*]by people other than me and a select group of hangers[*]on/roustabouts/hallucinations.

George Kelly
Favorite pop song of ’00s: Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger”
[*]I like pop to: forget to remember to forget, and to fail interestingly[*]at its experiments.
[*]I don’t like pop to: forget how to pander to the Big, the Dumb, the Obvious.

Martin Skidmore
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s um, probably Crazy In Love
[*]I LIKE POP TO… bounce
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO… whine

FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s: * Avril Lavigne – Complicated * Christina Milian – Dip It Low * Evanescence – Bring Me To Life * Busted – Crashed the Wedding * Girls Aloud – Sound of the Underground * Kelly Osborne – Shut Up * Sum 41 – Fat Lip
[*]I LIKE POP TO… Be hummable
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO… be anything other than pop

Michael Daddino
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s: Does Archigram’s “Carnaval” count? If not, then “A Stroke of Genius.”
[*]I LIKE POP TO…: Involve matching suits, implicit consumerist critique, and songs about crippling anxiety.
[*][*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO…: Hey, I like Godard just as much as anybody, but I don’t like it when pop draws too much attention to the artifice involved. This isn’t a demand for realism so much as a demand the illusion that pop offers to be relatively seamless. When it’s not seamless – when I have to think about the overdone application of autotune or the star’s fucked-up “real life” – it’s a distraction that makes the pleasures of engaged listening impossible.

FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s Bring Me To Life – Evenessence
[*]I LIKE POP TO…Shake my arse
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO… Wipe my arse

Sarah C
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00S: Bladdy hell this is hard. I cant think of anything. It’s Monday. I’ll get back to you.
[*]I LIKE POP TO…: snap and crackle
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO…: go soggy and or possibly encompass SNOW PATROL. SNOW PATROL! Did you see them on BBC3 last night? I mean, it’s not peonic TV and I only saw it cos I was round a posh mates house, and he made us watch it, I dunno, but he said Snow Patrol were better than the Strokes and I was like: here’s me: WA?! and then he said yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah they’re RUBBISH, aren’t they?

Steve M
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s: Freelance Hellraiser ‘A Stroke Of Genie-us’
[*]I LIKE POP TO…: grab my hand and say ‘come with me’ (‘Digital Love’) or ‘look at it this way’ (‘Overload’) or ‘let me tell you a story’ (‘Don’t You Want Me’) and leave no doubt it was the right choice
I DON’T LIKE POP TO…: lack ambition or belief, or indeed a good hook.

Stevie Nixed
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s Ushah’s “Yeah” I have supah dupah short memory[*]span
[*]I LIKE POP TO… Kidnap my hips
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO… Unhook the left frontal lobes

William B Swygart
FAVOURITE POP SONG OF THE 00s The Delgados – Witness
[*]I LIKE POP TO… move me like it means it.
[*]I DON’T LIKE POP TO… ‘push the buttons’. Also, sneering.