Somebody sent me an MP3 last week – that somebody being compu-pop band Komatrohn whose excellent records I have been very nice to in the past. The new track appears in my list of good (& bad) records at the sidebar – thankfully it is not the bad apple, it’s a low-key and sweet synthpop song built on a deliciously melancholy 16-bit wobble.

This experience has persuaded be that getting tracks through the e-post is ace and now I want more – this is where to send me things you think I would like. If you are the copyright owner on a track and would like us to possibly host it for a bit and offer it for download, we can do that too – the marvellous M J HIBBETT and I came to ‘an arrangement’ over this and one of his tracks will be up on Freaky Trigger during the soon-come revamp. Hopefully this can be the first in a series of MP3s – who knows?