The new pop revival – ITS REAL! (via Popjustice)

Music for the impatient (via Wisdom Goof) – reminds me of Marc Gascoigne’s classic “90 Songs In 90 Minutes” tape, though with more Blink 182 and less Zoviet France.

I’m rather pleased Smash Hits radio respects its elders and still plays the odd Take That song (“Pray”). I’d forgotten how strained Howard (I think it’s Howard) sounds, though – it’s like he was made to do his dance routine in the studio at the same time as his vocal take.

Comments boxes everywhere are reprieved – ILXOR is apparently back. I’m thinking about what to do with comments boxes generally, and indeed how best to use ILX for this site’s benefit. A board for the Red Or Dead appeal, perhaps? Also! Now ILX is back I’m going to moderate the comments boxes fairly strictly vis a vis personal attacks on people: please don’t, or take it to The Other Place.