Hole–I’m Dying.

When Ms Love sings I’m Dying, Please on this track, one thinks that she is begging god and her self just to let it happen…It’s sad and its tragic, Celebrity Skin is all about (among other things)surveying the death of her husband, and how badly she is at the task at hand. But that one song, with its ghostly acoustic intro about cripples dancing, its self loathing, its drug addled pain, and that deaths head chorus. Maybe its a love song to heroin, needles popping under skin and the sluggish, happy daze that ends up drowning. Maybe it’s a song to death, the whole fucking album is about death–who has promised her something. She needs to be under who’s skin ? It might be the typical creepy rock song, the obsessive desire song. But even if you strip it away from its time and place, its more death filled, more obsessed with the destructive powers of rock and rtoll, and less obsessed with its life giving possibility. They keep telling us that rock is Dionysus and his instincts in culture, but that not only requires destruction but rebirth. Here, is the sound track to the losing of control, power, skill, talent…Here more then anything, with its overly simple three chord harangue, and ravaged vocals, is the death, is the going into the underworld and never coming up. Its a suicidal gesture for someone not brave or stupid enough to commit suicide–and now, with the botched abortion (and the discussion about whether it was on purpose or not), the drug treatments, the shoplifting, the tawdry public falling apart, the essential instability, it seems a prophecy come true.