Getting it wrong — indirectly inspired by the comments below on the latest from Simon. I now wonder how much somebody getting something wrong intrigues me as a result, by which I can mean creating music and/or (more importantly for this discussion) hearing it. It seems to me that there can be less a question of challenge and surprise at hearing something ‘different’ than there is a question of hearing something wrong, with the definition entirely up to the listener or the commenter on same. There was a comment on ILM about somebody who said that it took him forever to come around to liking Phish because he wasn’t hearing it correctly, but the more interesting part of it all was the idea that at one point he felt he was hearing something wrong. What I like about the idea is of course that at one point he felt like he was in fact hearing it correctly, but what I also like about it is that it is not necessarily teleological. There is as much chance of never getting a revelation on the road to Damascus as there is of getting one, and more to the point it shouldn’t necessarily be called a revelation at all. More later, perhaps.