Club FT Dancefloor Test for the Rachel S and Girls A records saw the Girls emerge a clear winner – that synth intro rams you onto the floor whereas Richard X fannying about with his ‘scuzzed-up 80s’ preset is the perfect bargoing excuse, yes the chorus of “Some Girls” is marvellously creamy but this is not yet an end-of-night pop record. Meanwhile Alcazar needs a little bit more familiarity before it becomes the monster it so could be (according to Popjustice it is getting an August UK release – YES.).

I quite fancy buying a record. I think I would like a charming pop record: enter your suggestions in the comments box and I will order the most intriguing from Amazon. My only further guideline is “must not sound like the Aluminium Group”.

Lots of people seem to be sloughing off their old blogs and starting new ones. Good luck to them, I will update the links bar at some point.

Saw an advert on the tube today for a soca show on the 22nd featuring Maximus Dan (of “Gun Town”) and someone else I’d heard of and someone I hadn’t and here’s the kicker – introduced by Damon Albarn! So that’s what he’s been up to. I am not sure I want to hear a soca Blur single.