trife hide yr eyes as the us left PICK THEIR FAVORITE LPs:

a lot of pretty nice if highly orthodox records, almost all from very long ago, with little evidence here (militant anti-rockist a.cockburn aside)* of agile or inquisitive or even listening minds after c.1980 (except maybe among the jazz-inclined) (ok so i’m an ornette fan)… comically high vote for the clash naturally, with all the usual timid and confused reasoning (those strummer obits last year surely mere practice runs for the reagan obits we’ve been flipping past this week, in their gluey revisionist reverence??!!)

haha at one point some LaYMoR deploys the phrase “stands the test of time”!! so much for revolutionary boldness and originality of critical thought eh?

*(AC even inveighs against the evils of lists always being multiples of five!)