CLUB FT Glasto Reunion: Wednesday 30th June

While the rest of the stinking crypto-hippy NYLPM set roll around like piglets in the Somerset mud, or get proper freaky with crystals in the soul zone (more likely the Perry Zone), it falls to me to remind you all of the forthcoming Club Freaky Trigger: Glasto Reunion!

That’s Club Freaky Trigger, Wednesday 30th June, at the Chapel Bar in Islington, from 7 until late-ish, FREE ENTRY, happy hour cocktails, you know the drill. I’m reliably informed that it will have all the usual pop delights, with drinking and that. Everyone’s welcome, and if you haven’t come to one of these before, this seems as good a time to start as any.

Why? Because it won’t all be stories about spilling corrosive cider over your last clean shirt in the Rave Tent at four a.m. on The Friday. No! Our FT chums have concocted the perfect mix for the football lover AND the football hater: one of the Euro 2004 semi finals will be on that night and it Club FT will, for one night only, be built around the game. It won’t all be football though, there will be plenty of the proper pop business too. Some of these delights may even provide the soundtrack to the match, which has to be better than Motson. We’re hoping the evening doesn’t demand “Dry Your Eyes”.

See you there, I hope.