He Made Their Glowing Colours – somewhat reader-hostile colour scheme disguises good pop-centric blog. Long analysis of “Air Hostess”.

Giving up ILX is good for your blogging – Dave Stelfox is back in operation with mixtapes and RECIPES!! Num num. Evidence 2: Marcello on a roll, following up his Ogun epic with a cute and very entertaining counterhistorical bit on Joe Meek.

The Case Against Rock And Pop – much WRATH on display. My favourite line – “indeed if you asked the typical pop or rock music consumer they would say that music is used as a background or as a rhythmic accompaniment against which to ‘dance’.” Oh those marvellous scare quotes.

Found via Friends Of Radio 3 – by their links ye shall know them. I do sort of think that FoR3 have a teensy good idea in that the return of more jazz and world stuff to Radio 2 might help to stem the tide of Meluas and Cullums. I get the impression at the moment that Radio 2 is the BBC’s flagship and they’re only too keen to punt any of the ‘difficult’ stuff onto 3. I’m sure a digital golden oldies channel can’t be far off and then R2 really will be wall-to-wall tastefulness (oh but Mark Lamarr knows so much about skiffle etc etc. – yes I know, I’m unreasonable.)

The redemptive power of music! It would have been a better story if he’d cracked during questioning when a Robbie Williams song was sung, mind you.