Having moved to Belgium to study and model, the French femme fatale Sonia Dronier was discovered by Francis Depryck, the producer who had made Plastic Bertrand. She re-invented herself as Viktor Lazlo stepping out of Casablanca. In many ways she resembles Sade: not only does she have the same non-threatening sexuality, she makes lounge/jazzy music seem a good thing. I remember seeing her present the Eurovision Song contest — courtesy of Sandra Kim winning the year before – and I was just enthralled. The 80s hit ‘Breathless’ – a brilliant song that should not only be remixed by Wiley (see comments) but begs for a horrendous muzak version – was written by Sonia Dronier and Philippe Allaert, who went on to form Vaya con Dios. The last thing that was heard of Viktor Lazlo on full CD format is the Sly & Robbie produced Verso, if you find it send me a copy! :-)