TINY TIM – “(Ever Since You Told Me That You Loved Me) I’m A Nut” (aka PopNose10): A track from Tiny Tim’s biggest hit album, God Bless Tiny Tim. Whether it’s representative of this novelty-act-cum-cult-figure I don’t know but it’s been a favourite of mine for a long time, marrying berserk sincerity to a stomping good tune. As Alex T twigged, it’s a revival of a 20s pop number – now largely lost to history. Cut off the unsettling intro and what remains is sheer bottled glee. Tiny Tim’s slightly cracked sincerity has made him a sort of icon for both ‘Outsider Music’ fans (ambulance chasers and otherwise) and, more curiously, Current 93 and some of their mates: “English underground” label World Serpent put out a Tim record in 1995. Like most of his albums, it’s out of print – you can get an import of God Bless TT at Amazon, though.