PopNose12 (1.5M) Today’s PopNose is unique in that I’ve not actually even heard it! It was picked by Nathalie and then prepared by me. The one slight drawback is that if I’ve got a shonky file I won’t know about it. Meanwhile, SHOWER IT WITH COMMENTS! (Now revealed – scroll up for details!)

Meanwhile here is the reveal for PopNose10.

(Oh, also, HELLO FLUXBLOG READERS (again!). If you’re coming here because of that tempting asterisk next to NYLPM on the sidebar and want MP3s – here they are. We put up 3 or 4 a week, zipped and anonymised under the name ‘PopNose’. We then reveal them after a few days and take the file down. If you know what the track is, please don’t reveal it early in the comments box!)