The Breakfast Club Night can be counted a success, I reckon. We had a devil of a time getting the decks sorted out but once that was out of the way everyone had a good time. The venue – The Chapel in Islington – is a good one, just the right size for our needs and with a proper dancefloor.

The idea of the night was to pit 80s pop against 00s pop – drawing connections where appropriate. In the deck-related chaos the connections came uncoupled but the 80s/00s alternating pattern was stuck to throughout and worked well. My own favourite pairing was the Belle Stars’ “Clapping Song” with Lumidee’s “Never Leave You”, but I think Magnus’ inspired segue of “Together In Electric Dreams” into “Digital Love” beat it.

We left leaflets around the venue asking punters to vote on which decade was best. The winner, by a long way, was “Neither”. Oh dear.

Our next event, currently unscheduled (but hopefully at the start of May) will be Club Popular, a night at which nothing but #1 records will get played. Meanwhile, tomorrow night the Freaky Trigger DJs will be unleashed on the Birkbeck College end of term party for a late-night celebration of pop. Lucky Birkbeck!