Round & Round We Go: I received an e-mail tonight asking for the lyrics to the FOXWOODS CASINO THEME SONG, which is definitely one step above being G00gled for “how to build a car” or “sweater meat” or (ugh) “jeter swallows”. Of course, the e-mail was the result someone discovering an ILM thread (perhaps this one), not something from my own site. Conveniently enough, that thread I linked to features the lyrics, so, ROCKY7, if you’re reading, there you go! (It begs the question why someone that found a reference to the FOXWOODS CASINO THEME SONG on wee li’l ILX can’t find the lyrics on G00gle, but I’m too proud to beg.)

The song in question, of course, is “The Wonder Of It All”. Folks in the Northeaster corner of the US (and perhaps points beyond) have heard this quaint / annoying little jingle, or seen the commercial associated with it. It’s not his song – it’s the work of jinglesmith Joey Levine (“the man who invented a genre“, according to a WFMU zine interview), and Pizzarelli, known more for his traditional jazz-guitar stylings and the occasional Late Night with Conan O’Brien appearance, got the chance to sing the jingle, and, lo and behold, he and the song are inseperable. And this is 3 years after the fact, too – while big ol’ multinational conglomerates shuffle through songs like spastic card dealers (hello Volkswagen!), Foxwoods dances with what brung ’em. I guess it’s a testament to the intoxicating allure of Pizarelli’s music, as this press release describes it. The release features a quote from New York Times movie critic Stephen Holden – I’m not sure if Holden on music is equivalent to the travesties of critical thinking Matos discretely commented on at his blog recently, but it’s not too surprising to learn that Holden’s a fan of Mr. P.:

[Pizzarelli’s] music portrays the kind of joy that sneaks up on you at odd moments when you’re just walking around feeling good…

I took some liberties with the quotation, though – I’m not sure it’d be truthful to praise Pizarelli’s music, post-Foxwoods, as a music that’s “[f]ar from evoking the hedonistic highs of sex, drugs, sports and gourmet food.”

(I tried like heck to find a sex-related Foxwoods link, but Las Vegas Ledyard is not.)