Recommended: picked up a Dancehall mix CD in Berwick Street on the way to the pub last night – Timeport Episode III. I don’t know if this is at all typical of dancehall CDs but the mixing is very fast – 68 tracks on one CD and 94 on the other! The effect is pretty seamless though, with the occasional synth noise or shout-out dropped over the top to disguise a change of riddim. Why did I pick this particular CD (of the many on display)? The riddims – French Vanilla, Tunda Klap, Mad Instruments – on CD1 were recent (as far as I know!), but it was CD2 that caught the eye – a massive mix of “Old Skool” dancehall, mid-90s by my very rough reckoning. A quick blast of this on the way home confirmed it as a winning buy – and under a tenner too. The web address given is this but a quick browse drew a blank as far as ordering goes. I got my copy from Black Dog Records, probably the best of the cheapie CD shops on Berwick Street, filled with silly bargains and with friendlier staff too.