More interesting stuff from Woebot on file-sharing ethics. I’ve commented in the archives on what Matt’s saying, but I thought I’d point to it here because it crystallised an uneasiness I’ve had about PopNose’s rapid success. Much though I enjoy all the attention it was never meant to be a big part of the site, and since it looks like getting even bigger very quickly it may be time to call a halt, partly because of nervousness over the legal position but also because our poor host’s bandwidth is precarious at the best of times and a surge of publicity could land him in hot water.

That said I do enjoy doing it, and I’ve been thinking about ways in which I could continue doing something similar with a little less stress, keeping the very welcome readers who comment and vote and losing the more locust-like bandwidth devourers. Watch this space, I suppose.

UPDATE: After sleeping on it I decided to suspend the Nose for now. I have a definite idea of what to do with it so it won’t be gone for good, and there’s also the possibility of putting the odd particularly crucial track on here, anyway.