At the last Club Freaky Trigger I played my Nuclear Doomsday set, a collection of atomic tat that drew heavily on a bunch of 40s and 50s MP3s I’d scarfed off a sharing site a year or two before. Now I have taken the chance to make an honest file of most of them, by buying Buzzola Records’ Like An Atom Bomb, “Apocalyptic Sounds From The Cold War Era”. This is one in a new series of what you might call ‘Mix CD kitsch’ compilations – selected by theme and marketed for the casual rather than the hardcore collector. Others in the series include drug songs, filthy blues numbers and a tempting volume of old-time country cheating songs. The atomic CD starts very strongly with gems like “When They Drop The Atomic Bomb” and the mind-boggling “Old Man Atom” but wanders off-topic with a string of instrumental numbers of tenuous doomishness (eg. “Fireball Boogie”) before rallying to end with the Louvin Brothers’ “Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb”. It’s entertaining all the way through though and recommended. But! Shop around – I’ve seen this on sale for anything between £5 and £12. Fopp may well have a cheap copy or two.

I was up in Edinburgh the last few days, so no blogging. It was a great little break, very relaxing. While up there I hit upon a bold new direction for NYLPM which starts this Friday. The boldness will be slightly mitigated by the diffident old direction running concurrently.